4 Vital Tips for New Real Estate Agents

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4 Vital Tips for New Real Estate Agents

4 Vital Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Right now is an amazing time for new real estate agents in Middle Tennessee. The market is rebounding and cities all over the country are seeing more real estate agents enter the industry each month.

Good advice is invaluable to a rookie agent, especially when it is free! Cooke Realty Partners understands what it’s like to break into the industry. Here are some helpful tips for new agents.

The Customer is the Priority

Remember: you are providing a service to your customers. Just as with any other service-based profession, your goal is to leave your customers satisfied. Make sure you are always providing a world-class experience for your clients.

A great way to start is by learning as much about them as possible. Trust is very important in a buyer-agent relationship and they will be more likely to trust someone who genuinely cares about them. You should be willing to cater to their needs, such as preferred communication methods or degree of involvement.

Without customers you wouldn’t be in business as an agent, so make sure you show your appreciation for your clients at all times.

Budget Wisely

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If you are a full-time real estate agent, chances are you are not receiving full benefits such as health insurance. There are a variety of other expenses you should always keep in mind as an agent, such as (but not limited to):

  • Advertising / marketing costs
  • Payroll taxes
  • License fees
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance

The best way to avoid pecuniary adversity is to plan ahead and stick to your budget.

Balance Work and Rest

When you are not working in a traditional office environment it can be easy to get carried away with work duties. It is important when you are getting started to keep your mental health and happiness in mind, as this job is certainly not a stress-free endeavor.

It is recommended to take days off just like any other profession. Your performance will suffer if you become burnt out. It is simply too much to ask of yourself to work 7 days a week each and every week, and your clients will understand.

You should also pick a time in the afternoon to call it a day. Establishing and sticking to a routine will cause you to be effective and efficient with the time you spend working.

Establish Your Brand

A brand is an agent’s best friend. Even if you are getting started with a brokerage, your name is on those “For Sale” signs, as well, and you need to make sure people are associated your name with professionalism. Marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, flyers, and more are essential tools for building your brand.

Do not neglect your online presence; a branded website that is consistent with your marketing materials can be a career-changing decision.

Also, don’t forget simple things like how you dress and how you carry yourself are a part of your brand as well. These intangible aspects of your brand are just as important as the business cards, as they will determine how you are perceived by both buyers and sellers.

It’s a Great Time for New Real Estate Agents

If you have ever been interested in becoming a new real estate agent, now is a great time to get started in this rewarded and exciting profession.