8 Things That Could Go Wrong During Your Home Inspection

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Before you can sell your home, it has to be inspected to make sure it is sellable. You wouldn’t want the future homeowner to run into any issues when moving in, especially any hazardous issues. When the time comes for your place to be inspected by a professional, they look for several different possible risks before giving the green light to list it. Get ahead of the game by looking at these common issues found during a home inspection so you can resolve it and start listing in no time.

Foundation Issues

If your home is settled on an unstable foundation, don’t plan on listing your home just yet. Although the issues might not have been there when you first moved in, over time, your foundation could change, but not in a good way. When the ground supporting your home has shifted, several issues to the framing of your home could occur such as the floor being uneven, cracks forming in your wall, improperly fitting doors/walls, and more. All of these issues could be seriously harmful to your future homeowner if not tended to, which is why if your home inspector catches it, you won’t be able to list.


While there are several types of mold that can be found in a home, some can be more dangerous than others such as black mold. If a home inspector spots this type of mold anywhere in your home, they will immediately deny your home from being listed because it poses such a major health problem. Black mold can cause asthma, chronic coughing, rashes, and other serious problems. Luckily, there are ways you can easily remove the black mold so that it will not pose a threat to passing your home inspection. If you do decide to remove the problem yourself, make sure you use protective gear such as a mask to prevent any harm to yourself.

Water Damage

Standing water, leaks, and other signs of water damage could cause your inspection to fail. Any crack, even if it is small, can lead to other major issues if not taken care of. Sometimes water damage is more prominent in older homes; therefore, if you know your house may be at risk for any water issues, have it looked at by a professional beforehand so that you can get the selling process running.

Roofing Problems

Your roof is an invaluable asset to your home by keeping you safe from outside forces, especially the weather. However, with a defective roof, your home could face serious problems. A roof in bad condition could be the reason for the problems listed above which, as stated previously, will not help you pass your home inspection. You can prevent this by having your roof inspected along with routine maintenance to ensure it is durable and long lasting.

Plumbing Issues

If an inspector sees that your plumbing system is out of date, you will need to look into upgrading before you can sell your home. A potential homeowner is typically not looking for a home they have to repair. Instead, they want to spend many happy years in it. Without the proper plumbing, and other features, this would not be possible.

Wiring/Electrical Issues

If a simple action such as turning on a light switch is not possible, there is a 100% chance that your home will not pass inspection. Electricity is such an important factor to your home to ensure everything runs properly; however, without the right wiring, this is not possible. Electricity fuels the basic necessities you need to survive such as your air conditioning unit, your heating unit, and appliances.


Outdoor animals are cute, but not when they inhabit your home for a long period of time. The same can be said for bugs and other creatures that are are not meant to be inside your home. Insects can infest parts of your home and create havoc, especially termites, while animals can damage your valued items. If an inspector believes the home might be at risk for infestation, you will have to get an exterminator to take care of the problem first.

Now that you are aware of what could potentially go wrong, you are even more prepared to avoid such issues. Once you have passed the home inspection, give our team at Cooke Realty a call to help you sell your home. With our expertise, you can have your home sold quicker than the duration of a home inspection. Call today at 615-574-7359 to get started.