Hosting an Open House That Sells

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Just because people are shopping online these days doesn’t mean open houses have to be a thing of the past. Shopping for clothes online is popular too, and yet stores are full of people! Follow these tricks to make sure your house steals buyers’ attention and gets sold fast.

Welcome them at the door

The last thing you want as a home seller is to be caught unawares. Keep your doors locked so you can greet each person at the door and give them a handout informing them about your property. As they look over this information, you can point out features that make your home special and request their contact information.

Appear Knowledgeable

Make your visitors trust you as their source for both your home and the community. Include handouts on your dining room table concerning property details and information about the community such as schools and activities in the area. The more the buyer has to discuss with you, the longer they will be in your home and be interested in buying.

Make the House Smell and look Clean

Even though the house will be empty when a person buys it, messes and weird smells can distract from the base of your home. Clean all the rooms and avoid clutter as possible. Shampoo the carpet. Your goal is to set a welcoming mood. You can do this by:

  • baking cookies
  • playing soothing music
  • opening curtains and turning on every light
  • Setting up display signs to make buyers notice your home’s best features (hardwood floors, hidden pantry, light switch dimmers)
  • lighting candles throughout the rooms that will complement the cookie scent

Promote Yourself Online

No sense in throwing a party no one knows about. Let everyone know by broadcasting your open house all over the web as early as possible. All those online shoppers will see you and be intrigued to check out your home in person.

Don’t Forget to Put Out Signs

It works for yard sales. It can work for an open house too. The more people know about you, the more people will likely come. Make your signs big, noticeable, and memorable. Even try getting creative by incorporating a popular meme into your sign.

Follow them around

Don’t stalk them or be their second shadow, but keep close enough to be accessible if your visitors have any questions. The more they know, the more comfortable they will feel with pursuing your home.

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