How a Letter to Home Sellers Could Get You Your Dream Home

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How a Letter to Home Sellers Could Get You Your Dream Home

When you keep losing your dream home to other offers, how do you get home sellers to choose your offer? While many home sellers will go with the biggest offer, there is another option that may help you get your dream home even with a lower offer. How? By writing a letter to home sellers. A letter to the seller will help them connect with you and see you as a human rather than a number or another offer. Whether you think writing a letter is manipulative or plain silly, it’s working for hundreds of home buyers. And in a highly competitive housing market, especially in the Middle Tennessee area, this tactic just might be what gets you into the home of your choosing. All you have to do is make sure you stand out from any other buyers writing a letter to home sellers.

Introduce Yourself

To start a letter to home sellers, you need to introduce yourself and your family. This can include your profession, ages of any children you have, and a photo of you with your kids or pets. Putting a face and background story to a homebuyer can be a great way for home sellers to connect with you and care about getting you into a home. If you have 2 kids on the way and are currently living in a one bedroom apartment, a home seller may be more likely to choose to sell to you rather than to a higher bidder they know nothing about.

Find a Connection

Do you have anything in common with the home seller? When you tour the home, you may notice if they put a lot of emphasis on a particular sports team, culture, or even a classic movie. If you have similar interests or a commonality, such as your child’s name is the same as theirs, mention it! That similarity could be what makes them choose you to become the new homeowners.
Build on the Emotion
Selling a home isn’t always about the money. Some people want to know their home will be passed onto a worthy family. So build on that emotion and tell the home sellers why you love their specific home. Do you have an emotional connection to the home? Does it remind you of your childhood home? Do you picture your kids playing in that backyard? Don’t hold any of that emotion back!

Keep it Short and Sweet

When writing a letter to home sellers, you don’t want to make it so long that they don’t finish it. Also, you want to keep it positive throughout, so you don’t come off as desperate or pitiful. To keep the tone positive, refrain from mentioning all the homes you haven’t gotten and focus on why you want this home so badly.

Writing a letter to home sellers doesn’t guarantee that they’ll sell the home to you, but it does improve your chances. What do you have to lose? The only case in which you shouldn’t even bother with a letter is if you are trying to buy from either an investor or a builder. Those type of sellers are just in it for the money. Of course, it would still never hurt to try. Before you start writing your letter to home sellers, talk with your agent as they may have additional insight into the sellers that can benefit your cause.