How to Prepare Before the Move

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How to Prepare Before the Move

Moving is probably the worst part of leaving your home for a new one because of how unorganized it can become. To make the process a not-so-bad one, it’s best to have a plan of action. This plan starts as early as a month before the move, so make sure you’re prepared by following these steps to a smooth transition.


The second you know you are moving, you should start getting rid of things you know you won’t need cluttering up your new home. Starting early can help minimize the amount of money you are throwing away. You can do a yard sale, sell on eBay, or sell to your friends on Facebook. If you know storage isn’t an option for you, get rid of everything you won’t have a place for. Don’t pack what you won’t need. Also, avoid grocery shopping for the last couple weeks or even month before the move, depending on how much food you have stocked up.


Now that you’ve bought a new house, you should know the dimensions of each room. To make sure all your furniture will fit and have a place in your new home, take a measurement of everything and create a floorplan for where you will want everything to go. An easy way to do this is to use the MagicPlan app which will create a professional floor plan of your home by taking a picture.

Pick a Mover

Having your friends help you move into a dorm is one thing. Having them help you into a house is another. Your friends will likely be too busy to help you on the scale of a house move, and it’s too hard of a job for you to tackle on your own. Movers have experience and equipment to move larger items down flights of stairs and know the safest way to transport your belongings. Just make sure you do your research online to find a mover with the best reviews. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Update Your Address

About a month before you move, start changing your address for things such as your bills, subscriptions, and your pet’s chip address. As mail comes in, take a moment to consider if you will want to continue receiving mail from them. You won’t want to forget to change your address and miss a coupon for one of your favorite stores!

Also, you’ll want to make sure you have your electric, water, phone, and cable ready for you when you arrive at your new home.

Label Boxes

Imagine if the moving van opened, and there were a hundred identical boxes for you to know exactly where to put them. Obviously, that would be stressful. That’s why every box that gets packed up should be labeled specifically and with what room they go in. Give them a room and a number such as “master bedroom box 1 of 6.” Also label some boxes as “moving day” for everything you will need to survive your first day in your new house such as cleaning supplies, towels, and toolkit. Other moving day boxes can include clothes and toiletries to be packed in your car in case you arrive before the moving truck does. Keep an inventory of what goes into either your car or the moving van, so you know everything that left your old home arrives at the new one.

Once you get to your new home, the unpacking and cleaning process begins. The key is to set a goal for each day and keep yourself from getting overwhelmed. Remember you can’t get everything done in a day, and no one expects you to. As long as you did the preparation work before the move, the process shouldn’t be half as bad as it would have, had you skipped the planning.