How to Prepare for a Meeting with Your Realtor

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Don't Let These Things Hold You Back from Purchasing the Right Home

When it comes to meeting with your realtor, you probably have some queries, especially if you’ve never been through the home selling process before. In order to prepare for a successful meeting with them and to ultimately decide that they are the realtor for you, you’ll want to consider the following.   

Brainstorm Questions Ahead of Time 

It always helps to enter a meeting with a prepared list of questions to ask. Your realtor should be expectant of questions, so it helps to be organized when it comes to this. Additionally, preparing and writing down your questions can help to ensure that you don’t forget about something you want to discuss during the meeting. 

When you begin working with a realtor on selling your home, there are certain things you’ll want to ask. You can learn about the work they’ve done with others, if they will be honest with you, and more, based on some of the following question topics.

Some Things to Ask About: 

  • References in order to learn about other people’s experiences working with the realtor. 
  • A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of the area where your current home is located. 
  • What marketing techniques they will be implementing to move your home off the market quickly. 
  • How you’ll contact each other and stay in touch during the home selling process. 
  • How many other people they’re working with (this can give you an idea of how they will be able to allocate their time in the future and whether or not they’ve taken on too much work). 
  • Ask them about what they see as a flaw in your home (this can help you evaluate their honesty and reevaluate your home). 

Organizing Paperwork Ahead of Time 

Before showing up to a meeting with someone who could be your future realtor, you can be prepared to move forward by getting your home’s documents in order. While you may not need them at the time of the meeting, it’s never too early to begin the process of organizing at home. Be sure to gather documents relating to your property taxes, monthly bills, mortgage, and more. If you’re not sure about all you will need, the real estate agent you enlist will help you with the process.