How to Prioritize Home Improvements Before a Sale

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How to Prioritize Home Improvements Before a Sale

Selling your home is a challenging endeavor. Even though you’re planning to leave it behind, you’ll most likely need to make improvements to the home before it’s suitable for a sale… at least at the price you’d like. In order to increase the likelihood of a sale, as well as your home’s overall value, you’ll inevitably take on multiple home improvement projects. The question is, where should you begin? When making home improvements before a sale, it’s important to consider a project’s cost (in money and time) in comparison to the value it will add to a home.  

Remember, not every project can be done. While there may be a lot of “problems” that stick out to you, you know your home much better than its potential buyers. With this in mind, you’ll have to do some prioritizing when it comes to the home improvement jobs you’ll commit to before a sale. 

Seek the Help of an Agent  

Before beginning any projects, a professional realtor can help you pinpoint the areas of your home that should be fixed or updated before a sale. As mentioned above, what bothers you in your home may not stick out to a buyer. Put your focus and effort into the aspects of your home a professional would take notice of.  

Prioritize Necessities over Inexpensive Updates

While it may be tempting to start with a project that’s easy and low budget, it’s important that you begin your home improvement on things that necessitate a repair. Most home buyers will be looking at your home with a long-term perspective, and you should be doing the same. Are there things about the home that will need to be repaired in the not-so-distant future? Are there issues that may cause damage if left unrepaired? For instance, it’s more important to fix the leaky area of your roof and address a plumbing issue before painting an accent wall. 

Consider The Rooms Buyers Care About 

Once you’ve tackled the necessary home fixes, take a look at your bathrooms and kitchen. These are two rooms that homeowners tend to care about. If you’re looking to make an impression and have a budget after putting work into other areas, consider putting effort into the improvement of these two rooms.

Additionally, people place a lot of value on the lighting in their homes. Replace old light fixtures or add in new ones to places that could be better lit. 

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