Important Questions to Ask Before Moving into Your New Home

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Important Questions to Ask Before Moving into Your New Home

The home buying process is exhilarating, confusing, enjoyable, and frustrating all at once. Buying a home is no easy feat, especially if you aren’t prepared with the right questions to ask. Below are a few essential inquiries you should have on hand with when going through the home buying process.

1. Can you tell me more about the home’s history?

There are a number of things a seller is required to disclose to a buyer, such as major repairs that have taken place or if someone has passed away on the property. There is no rule saying you aren’t allowed to inquire further about the home, though. For example, ask the seller about whether they found the property to require a great deal of yard maintenance. From there you could get their lawn care/landscaping contact or a recommendation should they have one.

2. Does the home have any “quirks”?

Sometimes a door that seems “broken” or difficult to open may just need a little extra muscle or a special move in the right direction. By asking the current resident, you may save on unnecessary repairs down the line. Some houses can be noisy as well; they creak and have their own ways of “talking.” While a certain noise may strike you as something in need of a fix, a current resident may give you peace of mind by informing you it’s fine.

3. Is the home pet/child-friendly?

Depending on the sellers and their lifestyle, they may or may not be able to answer this question. Certainly, ask them this if you believe they’ll have insight on the matter — pet and child compatibility is an extremely important factor to consider when purchasing a new home.

4. How’s the neighborhood? Where should I go and what are your favorite resources?

There’s a reason why everybody likes to ask locals for advice; they’re in the know! When you’re new to a neighborhood it can take a good bit of time getting acquainted with things and learning about the best places to go. Ask your home sellers about the best places to eat, shop, and take your dog for a walk. Since they’ve lived in the area they can probably provide you with useful information that would have taken you awhile to find out on your own.

5. What are a few things that surprised you?

Remember, not all surprises are bad! Did the previous owners learn about how many visitors they could comfortably fit in the living room? Or which space gets the best natural lighting? Maybe they have information about friendly neighbors and were pleasantly surprised by the amazing reputation of the local elementary school. On the flip side, maybe there’s an annoyance (not a dealbreaker, no home is perfect) that you wouldn’t mind knowing about ahead of time.

6. Can we go over some important resources?

While you may go over a lot of the following with a home inspector, on the off chance you’re left with more questions, the homeowner may be able to provide you with answers. It’s extremely beneficial to find out the following:

• Where is trash dropped off and when is it picked up?
• Where is the utility box?
• Breaker meter?
• Water and electric shutoff valves?

In addition to finding these things out, a homeowner should also be able to tell you how they operate.

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