Leveraging Points of Interest to Sell Your Home

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Leveraging Points of Interest to Sell Your Home

When working on selling your home, you’ll want to use everything you can to your advantage. This means you should be thinking beyond just the home. While you’re probably showcasing all of its great structural assets and design elements, don’t forget to highlight the advantages to its location — and share these with all of your potential buyers. Below are 6 things you can mention and hopefully use to your advantage when selling your home.  


This is an especially important factor for families or young couples looking to settle down and start a family. A home’s proximity to quality schools is a major selling factor. Are there Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in close proximity? Multiple schools to choose from?  

Restaurants and Coffee Shops 

The above is especially important for the foodie and/or coffee obsessed. What are some of the local places you like to rely on for a good meal? And where do you go to get your caffeine fix in the morning? If you’ve got a lot of good selling points here, don’t be afraid to use them. 

Entertainment and Nightlife 

Is there a local movie theater, popular bar, or something else that people really enjoy in your neighborhood? Let potential buyers know, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the area. 

Parks and Greenways  

This is very important if your home is in a city. Where can people get some fresh air and enjoy green space? Mention local parks that you like to visit and tell potential buyers about a greenway if you know of one that’s close by. 

Day Trips 

Where can the people moving into your home go to “get away for the day.” It will be great to tell potential home buyers about the nearby attractions they’ll have easy access to, should they choose to make an offer on your home. Whether it’s a vineyard, popular hiking trail, or a historic town/bigger city, don’t forget to mention these perks. 

Accessibility to It All 

Is your home located in a neighborhood with good walkability in relation to some of the above or a public transportation stop? This is becoming a more and more desired aspect of neighborhoods, so be sure to let buyers know about the conveniences of the home’s location.