Price Your Home Right for a Successful Sale

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Price Your Home Right for a Successful Sale

There are many challenges and setbacks one can face when selling a home. Surprisingly, one of the biggest has both nothing and everything to do with a home’s aesthetic all at once. A home’s listed price won’t technically impact the way a home looks, but it will have a direct effect on its worth and look in comparison to other homes on the market. In other words, does your home’s look reflect its listed price?   

When pricing, you’ll need to consider a home’s benefits, competition, and the time it could potentially spend on the market. These are all factors in whether or not you’ll have a successful home selling story vs. a failure story, in which case you’re either still in the home or selling it for far less than you anticipated. Take the following into consideration when pricing your home. 

Think About Its First Impression

First impressions are important in almost every situation. This is especially true for home sales. As soon as your home hits the market, consider it on the clock. It is said that a home’s first two weeks listed are the most important. This is because typically, during this time, a home will have the most traffic from those who are interested in buying.

Not only will you have a responsibility to make your home look presentable, but also to put it in the right price range. The opening weeks for your home are vital. Remember, the longer your home sits on the market, the more likely it is to depreciate in value, so be sure not to scare people away in the first two weeks with an outlandish price. 

Listen to What Buyers Are Saying 

If many shoppers have commented that the price is too high, don’t resist what they’re saying. During the selling process, you’ll always have time to adjust your home’s listed price. 

Think Like Your Buyers

What initially attracted you to the home that you’re selling, and what elements draw you into a new home? Your answer is probably similar to those looking to purchase. Consider these factors and make improvements to your home accordingly. Changes and updates can add value or make your initial listing price more reasonable. 

Be Open to Negotiation 

Negotiation is expected, so you’ll need to list your home at a price where this is acceptable.   

Contact the Professionals at Cooke Realty Partners

Having a team of professionals behind you is a huge asset in the home selling process. Professionals at Cooke Realty Partners can help evaluate your property and get it listed at a price that works for you, as well as for those looking to buy. Cooke understands the importance of listing at the right price from the beginning. Contact Cooke Realty Partners today!