Professional Photography Is the Key to Selling Your Home

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Professional Photography Is the Key to Selling Your Home

There are so many things you’ll need to focus on during the home selling process. One of these is photography, although you may not have thought about it yet. Real estate photography is incredibly valuable and can have a dramatic impact on how a home’s sale will go. With the technology at our fingertips today, some of us are able to take great photos ourselves, while others are better off seeking the help of a professional in order to increase the likelihood and speed of a home’s journey off the market.    

How Pictures Make an Impact

According to a report by Redfin, a home listed with professional photography will be sold for more than the asking price. $3,400 is the average increase in earnings for home sellers with professional photographs representing their homes online. The additional earnings range greatly depending on how much the home is valued at, but who can complain about any additional earnings when selling a home?   

The Picture That Matters the Most  

There is one picture that matters more than the rest when it comes to photos posted with a home’s listing. Unsurprisingly, it’s the one taken of a home’s exterior. The outside of a home is a buyer’s (and everyone’s) first impression. The majority of people will care more about how a home appears on the outside as opposed to its interior. A buyer wants to be proud of their new home, and they know that most people will only see what exists on the outside. So, if you only have the opportunity to get one professional photograph, make sure it’s of the home’s exterior.

The Interior is Important, Too

Just because a photo of a home’s exterior makes the most impact doesn’t mean that other pictures aren’t important. A home’s listing shouldn’t have one professional photograph paired with other poorly taken pictures. Make sure you’re setting up your home’s interior so it will look its best, and keep photos consistent and professional.

Photography Tips

When taking photographs of a home’s exterior, make sure that it’s taken during the right time of day so the lighting is optimal for the perfect picture. Also, be sure that the weather will cooperate if you’re planning to take the picture or schedule a professional photographer to do so. Other things to consider are angles and the photograph size and resolution once they’re uploaded online. If these things are not your strength, hiring a professional photographer to help with a home listing is a sound investment.