Summer Sips & Treats for Your Next Open House

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Summer-Sips- amp;-Treats-for-Your-Next-Open-House

Selling a home is no simple task. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and creativity to capture a customer’s interest. When holding an open house, creativity is a key player in making sure that it is successful. While staging your open house certainly catches the eye, providing snacks and refreshments allows for prospective buyers to linger around. The more they linger, the more they become interested in their possible new home. With these tasty suggestions, your visitors will already feel as if they are home!

Refreshing Drinks

Bottled Water

Providing cold bottles of water at an open house is certainly the most important suggestion on this list, especially during the summer time. Some buyers go to multiple open houses on a hot day which can be very tiring. Therefore, having a water in handy at your open house will provide a great first impression.


There is nothing more welcoming in a summer open house than a refreshing cup of lemonade. No matter what type of lemonade you serve, whether it be mixed with another fruit or plain, your guests will be glad that they came. To help with cleanup, consider purchasing paper cups that can be easily tossed away.

Sweet Tea

It wouldn’t be a southern open house without sweet tea. Luckily this beverage is easy to make, or available to purchase at the store if you are short on time. If needed, you can add in slices of lemon to enhance the flavoring. Similar to the lemonade, it can be served in cups that are easy to dispose of. This lip-smacking drink will drive away the heat but not the buyers.

Tasty Foods

Fresh Cookies

The idea of an open house is to have your guests feel as if they were at home already. There is no better way to do this than to have them enter a house filled with the scent of fresh baked cookies. It provides a comforting feeling that can brighten your buyers’ overall experience. Plus they are a nice treat to have when walking around the house, too!

Finger Sandwiches

Finger foods are a must for open houses. Not only are they easy to prepare and clean up, but they also taste great! Your buyers will be grateful for the little pick-me-up snack that isn’t too smelly or heavy on their stomach. Take a look at some finger food options that will make your next open house a hit!


Having the option of crackers may not seem like much at first; however, when you consider that this food item is a hit with the kids that tag along to open houses, your prospective buyers will be thankful. Consider purchasing prepackaged crackers such as Gold-fish that your guests can take with them! They will thank you for being such a great host.

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