It’s always a good idea to have pictures of your home, inside and out, and here are some tips to help you.

Spring is a great time to take those outside photos-everything is green and blooming and makes for a great exterior photo. It may be winter when you need to list your home and nothing makes your home look worse than bare trees, dead lawn and landscaping or worse-snow.

Spring is also a great time to have the interior professionally cleaned, carpets and upholstery steamed, and all of your rooms de-cluttered. While everything is looking great, (before the kids come back in!) snap some pictures of the interior. This will make your rooms look larger and brighter.

As for the right camera, any digital camera will work fine, which is important to remember. Most virtual tour software (what realtors use to display your photos on the Internet) is not able to display large files or if they do, it takes a long time for them to download. Your first instinct will be to use the highest resolution to have the sharpest images. Avoid doing this if at all possible. Most all digital cameras allow you to set your resolution. The 1 or 2 megapixel setting will take a very good picture and is a small file which means it will download quickly. People don’t like to wait for a photo to download and you could lose a potential buyer.

Take pictures from many different angles and if your computer has a photo stitching program try some panoramic photos. They are easy to do and make an enormous difference. A tripod will make this even easier and faster and is very inexpensive.
You should keep your photos on a disc or a thumb-drive so in case you have computer problems, they won’t be lost. As an added bonus, the smaller files will be easier and quicker to e-mail to your realtor.