Things to Do Now to Get Your Home on the Market by May

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Things to Do Now to Get Your Home on the Market by May

If you’re planning to sell in 2017, you probably want your home to hit the market by May. Between May 1st and May 15th to be more exact. A home depreciates in value the more it sits on the market, so of course, you’ll want to do everything to put the odds in your favor when it comes to making the sale. It just so happens that homes put up during this time period sell at a significantly faster rate — more than 2 weeks faster on average. Be sure you’re ready for the prime time selling this year and prepare your house for a listing beginning in the first half of May 2017. Below are just a few things you’ll need to focus on before then. 

Gather the Paperwork

Information about your utilities, HVAC system, plumbing, and more will need to be organized and available for potential buyers, as they’ll need this information when proceeding with a sale. It’s never too early to get this step completed and out of the way. Although it may be tedious, it’s necessary. 

Survey Your Home and Pinpoint What Needs Repairing

Homes are susceptible to wear and tear, and most require some investments before they can be listed at an agreeable selling price. Imagine you’re walking through your home for the first time — what things would you notice? What are some of the small quirks you’ve learned to live with, but others won’t want to adopt? Create a budget and start prioritizing repairs and updates to make before the beginning of May. 

Clean and Depersonalize the Space

It’s important that you free your home of clutter and personal knick-knacks before a showing. Your house needs to look as though someone else could come in and make it their own that day. Putting personal things in storage creates a blank canvas for viewers, making it easier for them to visualize how they will make their home. 

Start Looking for the Right Realtor

To sell a home, a great realtor can be your most valuable resource. Their job is to help you secure your dream home, so you’ll want to maintain a good relationship with them — especially since the home search can be a lengthy process. Take your time in the search and choose a realtor who will work best for you and your needs. 

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