Why Short Term Rentals Are Important

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Why Short-term rentals are important

You’ve sold your home and are ready to move into a new place… that you have yet to purchase. You ambitiously took on the challenge of buying and selling all at once, and while this is quite the accomplishment, your new home may not be ready for you yet. Rarely are people able to move straight from their old home and into the new one of their dreams. In order to make the process work, homebuyers should consider their options when it comes to short-term housing during this in-between time.

How Can I Find A Short-Term Rental?

A short-term rental is something that should be discussed and determined before your house is sold. Your realtor can and should help you through the process, so you have somewhere to go when the time is right.

There are many great places that offer short-term rentals. Although finding a residence that serves as a “middleman,” so-to-speak, may sound daunting, finding the right rental has many benefits.

Know That You Have Options

When it comes to establishing a place to call “home” for a brief period of time, you have a selection to choose from. What you ultimately decide on will depend on how long it’s going to be before the big move, as well as other factors such as the amount of people who are moving. 


Staying in a hotel can have many benefits if you only plan on being displaced for a few days. During that time you’ll have the ability to relax. You’ll be spending a bit more money, though, so that’s why this option is only recommended for a fleeting stay (think along the lines of a few days). 

An Extended Stay Hotel

An extended stay hotel is a great option for those with a few weeks or even months between moving into their new home. With daily, weekly, and monthly rates, one of these hotels can cater to your needs for any period of time. On top of that, they are usually located in convenient areas and come with amenities such as kitchens and a place to do laundry. Another plus for long term stay is the fact that you won’t need to setup utilities.

A Rental Home or Apartment

A rental home or apartment with month-to-month options is a great place to look if you know you’ll be taking your time with the home search. You’ll have to take care of more up front, such as paperwork and utilities, but you’ll most likely have a larger space as well as more privacy.

Cooke Realty Partners

Cooke Realty Partners, located in Murfreesboro, TN, can help you with the selling process as well as get you and your family set up in the right short-term housing option.